6 Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom

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Grooms want to actively participate in planning their wedding.

It’s just that many of them don’t always know where to start or where their talents can be most helpful. On top of that, the beautiful bride, her mom, and even the wedding planner seemingly have every detail figured out. So why get in the way of that wedding planning process, right? Trust us — there is plenty you can do in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the big day!

From having an opinion on catering to tackling the guest list, here are a few wedding planning tips for the groom.

1.   Have an opinion.

Grooms want everything to go perfectly and their bride to be happy, but it’s also easy to just say “yes,” especially when she wants to talk about centerpieces and color palettes. While you don’t have to have an opinion on everything, express interest when asked and offer opinions on things like catering, music, and table layouts.

2.   Get your tuxedo.

Don’t be that groom who waits until a month before the wedding to get a tux. It may work fine, but it could also leave you with limited options. Ideally, start shopping 4-6 months ahead. This gives you and your groomsmen time to try them on, get fitted, coordinate pickup times, and make any last-minute adjustments.

3.   Take on one big task.

Ask your bride to name one wedding planning task that has her stressed out, and then assume that responsibility. It could be tackling the guest list or rehearsal dinner, hiring the DJ, booking the videographer, or planning the honeymoon. Taking even one task off your bride’s plate is one of many wedding planning tips for the groom.

4.   Be open to a wedding planner.

So much goes into planning the perfect wedding that even the smallest details have details. You and your bride could tag-team this effort alone, but a wedding planner does this for a living. The right wedding planner can help with everything from drawing up a budget to finding and hiring vendors, creating seating charts, and offering much-needed emotional support and assistance on wedding day.

Here are some planners we highly recommend looking into:

  1. Each and Every Detail
  2. Stoked Weddings
  3. CM Promotions

5.   Groomsmen duties.

Don’t be afraid to give everyone in your posse a task. A few examples include having a timekeeper to ensure everything is running smoothly, someone to help you get ready, a wedding ring protector, and even someone to assist in rounding up guests. Have fun, and assign the right roles to the right guys.

6.   Record a heartfelt video.

Pulling the videographer aside to record a message to your bride is a really sweet idea. This can be done right before she walks down the aisle or several days before, and it’s your chance to go beyond telling her how much you love her. Share your emotions, fun memories, and how much you look forward to spending the rest of your lives together.

What wedding planning tips for the groom did we leave out? Keep this conversation going on social media @memoir.film

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