6 Practical Wedding Day Tips for the Groom

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Weddings aren’t just “the Bride’s Day.” Don’t get us wrong, ladies — you 1,000% deserve everyone’s extra-special attention as you prepare to marry your handsome fiancé. But that’s the thing … he is in the building, too. While everyone is quick to point out limitless day-of tips and tricks for the beautiful bride, that’s not always true for the lucky guy. So we’ve compiled a few wedding day tips for the groom.

So get your game face on gentlemen because this post is for you.

1.  Entertain yourself and the groomsmen.

Your bride will need every millisecond leading up to showtime to do her makeup, take pics and videos, and check off last-minute details. Meanwhile, it might take you and the boys 20 minutes to get ready! That’s a lot of extra time to kill, so plan accordingly. We’ve seen grooms bring video game consoles to pass spare time. Some venues have pool tables or a basketball court to work out jitters before getting dressed.

2.  Seek out a boutonniere expert.

The groom and groomsmen should all wear a boutonniere. This floral decoration is pinned to the left lapel, and it’s not easy to put on. Here’s a quick YouTube tutorial. And if you still think you’ll stab yourself repeatedly, seek out an expert (grandpa or your mom) in advance.

3.  Don’t party too hard the night before.

Everyone loves a great bachelor party. But the last thing you want is to feel sick or tired at your wedding, so take it easy the night before. Many grooms schedule their bachelor party several days to a full week before their wedding day to avoid potential complications.

4.  Eat breakfast!

One of many wedding day tips for the groom is to eat breakfast. We see many grooms forget that important detail because they get busy communicating with groomsmen, hassling with their tux, talking to guests, or handling a last-minute issue. Make time to eat. You’ll be glad you did.

groom and best man

5.  Trust your best man.

This is an often-overlooked wedding day tip for the groom. You’ll have to-do items in the days leading up to your wedding and the day of, and this is what the best man is for! Ask them to help you with the big stuff, and don’t be afraid to pull them in on the small stuff. Having help makes a big difference.

grooms shoes and wedding ring

6.  Make sure you know where the rings are.

This might be a no-brainer, but please don’t forget about the rings. Know where they are and that the person you’ve entrusted to keep them safe also knows where they are.

What wedding day tips for the groom did we leave out? Keep this conversation going on social media @memoir.film

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