6 Outdated Wedding Trends to Avoid

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You deserve a wedding to remember. But you also want it remembered for the right reasons, where guests leave the ceremony and reception thinking, “I want a wedding just like that!” Meanwhile, you leave knowing you just kicked off the rest of your lives together with a mic drop moment. But how do you accomplish that? So many things go into planning the perfect wedding — color schemes, flowers, attire, decor, music — that it can be easy to fall victim to tacky decisions and outdated wedding trends.

At the end of the day, you don’t know what you don’t know. So here are a few tacky and outdated wedding trends that still pop up from time to time but don’t quite live up to their potential. Some may surprise you!

1. Monochromatic bridesmaid dresses

Having bridesmaids wear the same color and dress isn’t tacky. If anything, it’s a traditional look that many people still find appealing. But it’s not required, and it may shock you to hear that it’s a tad outdated. The statement trend right now is for bridesmaids to wear different patterns, styles, and hues that complement each other.

2. Monogrammed everything

Interestingly enough, overusing a monogram made several online lists we found of outdated wedding trends to avoid. And it makes sense. We saw a wedding once where the bride and groom had monogrammed pillows in the reception area. Others have monogrammed napkins, wedding favors, and even a monogrammed dance floor. Monograms look elegant on a wedding invitation or when they’re used sparingly at an outside wedding or reception. But don’t overdo it.

3. Fake flowers

Fake flowers are neither tacky nor outdated, provided they are tastefully designed. Many times, brides and grooms simply put their fake flowers in a bushel. For your wedding, consider cutting the flower stems and have your bridesmaids create their own complementary bouquets.

4. Not hiring a photographer/videographer

While it may be sentimental and even more affordable to have mom, dad, your sister, or a cousin shoot photos, remember that this is your wedding day. And more often than not, many of the photos you get from well-intentioned family members are blurry, catch guests with awkward expressions on their faces, and don’t capture every moment. A professional photographer and videographer aren’t there to capture photos. They are there to capture memories, and they have a team with them to ensure nothing is missed.

5. Seating charts

A seating chart keeps everything and everyone organized and in the right spots as you enjoy your special day. But even if you don’t have the budget to create a really pretty seating chart, the last thing you want is to settle for cue cards tacked to a corkboard. Canva is one of several online graphic design platforms that you can use for free.

6. Naked cake

We were surprised to see this on several lists of outdated wedding trends. A naked cake doesn’t have the majority of frosting that you typically see on wedding cakes, and you’ve probably seen tons of them on Instagram. The problem is that they can look sloppy if not done well. They are also overused, meaning many wedding guests want to sink their taste buds into something different. If you need a top-of-the-line wedding cake, we highly recommend The London Baker.

What outdated wedding trends did we leave out? Keep this conversation going on social media.

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