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Modern Memoir mentoring

If you find yourself grappling with the transition from a 9-5 job, navigating post-college uncertainties, or feeling trapped in gigs that sap your passion and purpose, this course is tailor-made for your unique journey.


For wedding VIDEOGRAPHERS who are looking to invest in their art-form and learn from our team of industry leaders on how to effectively and quickly grow their business.

Ready to have your ideal clients seek you out? We'll guide you through the process of building a stellar reputation that has clients practically begging you to be their wedding videographer. Let's make your business magnetic to the right clientele.

Your branding plays a pivotal role in shaping your client base. We're here to conduct a thorough audit of your branding and marketing strategies. It might get messy, but are you ready to embrace vulnerability and elevate your brand?

Your journey begins with a single thought. Let's explore how to transform those thoughts into habits and, ultimately, into productive actions. Together, we'll cultivate the mindset for success.

Running your business but not attracting your ideal clients? Let's have a conversation about how we can elevate your clientele to match your vision.

Mentoring Topics

Join a captivating and informative session led by relatable entrepreneurs that will guide you in launching your videography business, ensuring it not only survives but thrives.

Sometimes, all you need is an hour to get unstuck and propel your success. Whether you're a returning student seeking a check-in on processes or have specific questions to address, our one-hour video session is tailored to your immediate needs. Come prepared with your questions, and let's collaborate to overcome challenges and enhance your cash flow.

ONLINE — $825/HR

For those seeking more in-depth assistance and a customized coaching experience, our bi-weekly sessions are designed to address your specific needs. Leverage the expertise of our coaches to swiftly turn challenges into solutions. With sessions every two weeks over six months, you'll receive the focused guidance required to accelerate your progress.

ONLINE — $725/MO

Embark on a transformative journey with personalized coaching tailored just for you. In our monthly sessions over six months, dive deep into discussions on setbacks, editing tips, and strategies to elevate your skills. We believe in the power of consistent support to achieve lasting results. Let us keep you accountable on your path to success.

ONLINE — $425/MO

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