Wedding couple in a garden looking deep into each others eyes
Wedding couple in a garden looking deep into each others eyes

What Time of the Year Should You Get Married in Texas?

Filed in Wedding Tips  /  December 14, 2022 /

Wedding couple in a garden looking deep into each others eyes

Picking the perfect date for an outdoor Texas wedding is quite the undertaking. Why? Because you never know what to expect! Depending on the time of year, it’s either super hot or ridiculously cold. And then there are the months that should have more reasonable temperatures for an outdoor wedding and reception, but then Mother Nature throws a monkey wrench into everyone’s plans. So, what time of the year should you get married in Texas?

This is the age-old question for couples all over the Lone Star State. But let’s try to answer it right now:

Spring and Fall Are Where it’s at in Texas!

According to a 2021 Real Weddings Study by The Knot, 80% of all weddings nationwide took place between May and October. The most popular months in that range were June (13%), August (13%), and October (22%). But Texas isn’t like most states. June, July, and August temperatures easily soar into the triple digits. Here in Dallas, we hit 41 100-degree days by August 5. And that wasn’t even the hottest part of the average summer.

It’s hot and humid — to the point of being uncomfortable and dangerous. Nobody wants to get married in those conditions.

Then there are the winter months, which many would argue are more unpredictable than the summer. Our past two Februaries have featured sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice, and widespread power outages.

Therefore, the sweet spot for an outdoor wedding in Texas tends to be September through November (fall months) and March through May (spring months). Here are a few benefits:

•  Milder, more predictable weather patterns

•  Significantly less humidity

•  The leaves are changing and look beautiful

•  Improved lighting for flawless photos and video

•  Attendance increases because guests are less likely to travel for summer, holidays, etc.

•  More style options

To each their own!

Just because we say spring and fall are the best times of year to get married in Texas doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for everyone. Perhaps you intend to have an indoor event, which means the weather outside isn’t a factor. Or, you may want that romantic snowfall look for your wedding. To each their own, right?

But personally, you can’t go wrong with spring and fall. And your media team sure would benefit as well. Extreme temperature shifts can damage expensive cameras and equipment, making it difficult to capture your precious memories.

These are all things to consider when deciding what time of the year to get married in Texas. But what are your thoughts?

Are we 100% accurate? Did you have a winter wedding and love it? Let us know in the comments.

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