What Videography Style Do You Want for Your Wedding?

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When interviewing wedding videographers, ask what their style is. After all, every media team takes a different approach to wedding storytelling — perhaps they depict the day’s events with a beginning, middle, and end, or their style is more bright and airy. Maybe they specialize in a vintage vibe, cut and edit scenes to flow together like a real movie or blend several styles for a signature look. The bottom line is that it’s essential to know how you want your love story to be told so that the videography style you choose is not only right for you but also stands the test of time.

Your friends at Modern Memoir in Denton, TX, specialize in a healthy fusion of documentary and cinematic style. So we decided to use this blog post to describe what that means and how it compares to other wedding videography style options.

What is Cinematic Wedding Video Style?

These days, couples want more from their wedding day experience. Cinematic style is a more artful representation and, in many ways, evokes a Hollywood movie vibe. The events aren’t in sequential order, so rather than starting with video footage of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready, it could start with the last dance or that special kiss on the altar.

You could even have scenes of the vows interspersed with dance floor shots or feel-good messages from the guests.

Your wedding videographer will cut and edit scenes to flow together like they’re telling a story while incorporating candid moments, few and intentional slow-motion shots, sweeping and dramatic wide shots, and even some drone footage if you’d like.


A few more wedding videography style options

Pure Documentary — We alluded to this style earlier. Essentially, this is a no-nonsense, real, journalistic take on your wedding where your videographer will show the day’s events in sequential order. There is a clearly-defined beginning, middle, and end — no staging or choreographed events and no artful depictions with Hollywood blockbuster vibes.

Traditional — Many couples prefer a more traditional or old-school approach. If that’s the case, then this is the videography style for you. Elements such as the ceremony itself, reception, and toasts to the bride, groom, and family are heavily covered.

Guerrilla filmmaking — The Knot perfectly describes this wedding videography style. Essentially, it’s a more organic, “intentionally less polished” style where there’s a solo videographer with a small handheld camera. This style focuses on the more candid moments of the day and a more realistic portrayal.

Regardless of which wedding videography style you choose, couples want their love story documented in the most creative and comprehensive way possible. And the only way to get that — in our humble opinion — is to build relationships with the people capturing what matters most to you. Your happiness and friendship mean so much to us, and there are so many couples that we continue to check in on long after their special day is over and filming has ended.

Looking for the Right Wedding Videography Team?

You’ll want to replay your videos of your wedding day for generations to come. Therefore, working with the right media team before and during your big day is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. We are an award-winning crew of wedding videographers based in Dallas, Texas, and our team of dedicated artists and storytellers is committed to creatively documenting every minute of your love story.

We’d love to shoot your engagement, elopement, or wedding! Inquire today using this link.

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