3 Reasons to SKIP Your First Look

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First looks are so sweet. They help calm down your nerves right before the ceremony. But what happens when you don’t do a first look? Here are some reasons why couples choose not to do one:


1. The most common reason just based on my experience is that your husband doesn’t want to see you until you walk down the aisle. If they are a crier, you’re definitely going to get all the tears. ❤️

2. You want to include all the guests in the emotional moment of him seeing you for the first time. If you don’t mind sharing this sweet moment with your family and friends, it’s something everyone would love to be a part of.

3. Summer is upon us in Texas, and sometimes it might just be too hot to do a first look. You have all that professional makeup, layers under your wedding dress, and the wind blowing at 100 miles an hour with harsh high noon sunlight. Probably best to use that time reading a hand-written letter to each other for your video team and to get individual portraits with your wedding party.

A good wedding planner will help you with this: 

If you don’t do a “first look,” chances are you’ll be taking most of your photos after the ceremony. While your guests are enjoying cocktail hour, you’ll be tackling photos with your family, wedding party and just the two you. This can take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your family shot list and size of your wedding party. But on the plus side, you’ll actually be married for these portraits, which means you’ll both being wearing your rings!

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