Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

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  • Owner, Director

    Hannah McGinty

    Owner, Director

    Hannah is our CEO and owner of Hans Film & Photo. She began Hans in August, 2019, and has spent over seven years in the photography and film production industry. Hannah graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.A. in Radio, Television, and Film. She is a proud member of the Wedding Vendor Association and her local church. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys fun styled shoots, cuddling her pets and spending time with her husband, Joshua.

    Hannah believes that EVERY couple’s story matters no matter what background, experiences, or gender. She is determined to artistically capture your love. Not only does she provide our couples with the maximum value for their money, but your future generations will thank you for investing in your love story.

  • Andrew McDonald, Photographer

    Drew has had a passion for photography since he grabbed his first point and shoot camera back in 99′ to capture squirrels out in his front yard. He loves to travel for weddings and elopements in national parks, mountain tops, and basically anywhere there’s a view to be honest. He finds a real joy in capturing the love between a bride and groom on their special day. Drew understands the sacredness of a ceremony and doesn’t take it lightly.

    “I have a passion for people. My calling has always been to love people. I’m a devout Christian and seeing the world through the lens of the love of Christ gives me appreciation for every person because they’re created in the image of God.”

  • Rachel Pearson, Photographer

    Every family is different and every couple is unique, which is part of why Rachel loves what she does so much!

    “I’m a little quirky, spunky, and try to make every photo experience FUN and memorable! I’m crazy passionate about what I do and am so grateful for the relationships this beautiful industry has allowed me to create. I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and mocha lattes.

    Seth & I were married in 2008. We have 5 children, and we consider them our biggest blessings!

    Marriage holds a special place in my heart. It’s a display of God’s love for us, and it is an honor and privilege to serve couples as they commit to loving each other before God and family! Marriage isn’t always easy, but it is always worth fighting for.”

  • Jared Huang, Videographer

    Jared is a Radio Television Film graduate from The University of Texas at Austin.

    “Hi I’m Jared! I love Jesus, trying new foods, talking about Star Wars, and spending carefree timelessness with my wife, Jocelyn!”

  • Andrea Barbery, Videographer

  • Opal GoForth, Photography Assistant

  • Noha Cho, Printing

    Digital Film & Production Student at The Art Institute of Dallas

    “I can still remember the day I fell in love with photography. I was given a camera from my pastor in middle of VBS. He asked me to take some pictures of the event. That was the first time I held a DSLR camera and I got very excited for some reason. Not having any idea how to use any of the functions, I turned the mode to auto and started pressing down the shutter button. The sound of the shutter opening and closing gave me somewhat of peace and even to this day I love how camera shutter sounds. I took a picture of my church kids playing in the playground. I took a snap of a little girl running around smiling and when I saw the picture in the small screen of the camera, everything around me started to slow down. I instantly fell in love with photography because I never realized how much a person’s smile can make the space brighter until then. The idea of capturing the moment is what I love most about photography. I can capture the true feelings that people show in the moment.”

  • Conor Lee, Livestream

    Owner and Executive Director of Gracepoint Media in Dallas, TX. Conor and his team are trusted partners. They seamlessly tackle the normally difficult task of 4K Livestream for all our couples.

  • Jasper, Marketing Director

    Our very good boy.



We’re so proud of our production team. Everyone at Hans has been hand-picked for their talent, servant heart, and work ethic. We show up to your event with joy and professionalism. We all come from different backgrounds and have great interest in all the different kinds of love stories that come our way! We’re here to be our couple’s biggest fans.

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